Monkshood Coffee, the original vintage van coffee company!

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Hand crafted beverages for your event!

Monkshood Coffee brings gourmet coffee, tea and chocolate to you. Since our inception we have brought our dedication to excellence to a wide-range of events and have bespoke drink services at major music and arts festivals, food fairs, automotive shows as well as many private and corporate events.

We also offer in depth training on all forms of drink preparation and business consultancy for new and existing cafes and restaurants.

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At Your Event

High Quality Ingredients

We source from some of the UK's best suppliers

Direct to your Event

We bring everything to site and set it up!

Professional Baristas

We train all our staff to an excellent standard of drink preparation and customer service

Made with Love

We truly love what we do, and think it shows in the product.


Consitency is the key to making good coffee and keeping customers returning. Our training focuses on not only the how but the why, to ensure a deeper understanding of the processes at work in making coffee. A face-to-face approach with a strong combination of theory and practice means we leave our trainees with confidence to make amazing coffee at how to keep everything tuned to produce the best drinks possible.

If you're a bar, coffee shop or restaurant and you want your staff producing high-quality drinks we are at your service. We can come to you and train your staff on your machine to ensure that the skills relate directly to your equipment. If you're still preparing to open up, come to us, we have a training facility in Buckingham, and we are also happy to consult on equipment, supply, and everything else related to starting a coffee business.

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